Department of Sociology : Curriculum

The Sociology Major

Students declaring sociology as a major must have at least a minimum a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at Hampton University and earn a "C" or above in all courses in the major (required or elective) attempted at this University.

To receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Hampton University, majors must complete a total of 124 credit hours.

In doing so, students must fulfill the University's core requirements, including those found within the School of Liberal Arts and Education and the Department of Sociology. Of these hours, 16 courses (48 hours) must be sociology courses.

Sociology majors are encouraged to complete a one-semester internship that provides students with practical experience and application of sociological skills in community-based agencies and a one-semester independent study with an instructor concerning a special or focused topic.

Students must complete the Senior Thesis and Senior Seminar courses in residence at Hampton University.

Transfer credit counted toward the major in sociology must have a grade of "C" or better.

A concentration in one of the emphasized areas (Social Inequality, Criminology, International Studies, or Social Policy) requires completion of 9 to 12 credit hours.

The Sociology Minor

Students receiving a minor in sociology must:

  • Complete a total of 24 credit hours;
  • Receive a "C" or better in all minor courses;
  • Complete 15 hours of required sociology courses and 9 hours of elective sociology courses.

Required courses for sociology minors are:

  • SOC 205 Introduction to Sociology;
  • SOC 210 Social Problems;
  • SOC 250 Introduction to Social Research;
  • SOC 302 Social Inequality;
  • Either SOC 351 Classical Social Theory or SOC 352 Contemporary Social Theory.