Chair's Welcome Statement

Dr. Tamara M.B. Williams

Dr. Tamara M.B. Williams
Chair and Assistant Professor

Welcome to Hampton University, School of Liberal Arts & Education, Department of Psychology.

The Department of Psychology at Hampton University is one of the nation's leading Psychology departments, which focuses on the development of academic, personal and professional excellence. Our psychology students emerge as scholars that are represented in every major field because they are taught, mentored, and guided by the most brilliant faculty from very diverse disciplines.

Our department is one of the largest on campus and one of the nation's leading departments for producing minority undergraduate psychology majors. This can be attributed to our:

  • Exciting, innovative and extensive course offerings,
  • Relevance of the courses to students' lives and career aspirations,
  • Flexibility, which allows students to customize their learning to specific areas of interest,
  • Supportive and capable faculty, and
  • Opportunities students have to be engaged in cutting edge research, internships and community service.

Those who decide to become "Hamptonians" in the Psychology Department have the option of selecting different concentrations and or minors to suite their professional endeavors in various fields. We invite you to contact us and ask questions about our new Psychology Pre-Medical track or embark on our "High School to Master's Program" which includes two five year accelerated sequences in the Master's Program in General Psychology as well as a two year Graduate Program in General Psychology.

I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our exciting and innovative programs. Finally, I have an open door policy and I welcome you to make an appointment.

If you have any further questions. Please contact the Psychology Department office, Room 238, Martin Luther King Hall, 757-727-5301 or by emailing the Department Secretary, Mrs. Claudette Solomon at

Prepare for infinite possibilities and academic growth,

Dr. Tamara M.B. Williams
Chair and Assistant Professor

Contact Information:

Dr. Tamara M.B. Williams
Phone: (757) 727-5301
Fax: (757) 728-6668