Majoring/Minoring in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology requires a total of 120 credit hours, including 14 courses in psychology, two laboratory science courses, two math courses including pre-calculus, and two foreign language courses.

The Premedical Concentration includes the core psychology courses and replaces the standard slots for electives with medical school prerequisite courses. The same advisor is assigned to Premedical Students for their entire matriculation, and this advisor also helps to guide students' development outside of the classroom. This concentration is part of the overall University-wide Pre-Health Program.

Introduction to Psychology is a pre-requisite for all subsequent psychology courses. Social Psychology, Methods of Psychology, Theories of Personality, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics I and II, Physiological Psychology, Junior Seminar, Senior Seminar and Mentoring I and II are core department offerings.

In addition to the core major classes, the department offers many innovative electives designed to show the relevance of psychology in students' lives, including Black Marital Relationships, Black Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Political Psychology, Black Child Development, Psychology of Advertising, and Intimate Relationships.

Our advisors are also laser focused on advising and facilitating student experiences outside of the classroom - including research, internship experiences, interaction with alumni and other professionals in the field, and shadowing experiences.

You can click the icons below to download all of our curricula, including the requirements for minoring in psychology. These sheets show prerequisites, required courses, and a suggested path for completion. While some courses require prerequisites, there is some flexibility in when courses are completed. Advisors in our department work closely with students in making adjustments to ensure that students graduate on time with a robust education and experience.


Premedical Concentration
5 Year Master's Program
2 Year Master's Program
Minor Requirements

The Value of a Psychology Degree

The Value of a Psychology Degree