Department of Psychology Program Highlights

Undergraduate Research Plan

Psychology majors at Hampton University will receive research training through various classes in the curriculum. Embedded within the major is a four-year research plan designed to give students experience with each stage of a research project. Each year provides new activities for the student, including:

  • Freshman year-- Students begin a literature review of a research topic in their Introduction to Psychology class.
  • Sophomore year-- Students learn research techniques and start a small project in their Research Methods class.
  • Junior year-- Students learn data analysis and interpretation in their Advanced Statistical Methods and Junior Seminar classes.
  • Senior year-- Students write and present a research proposal in their Senior Seminar class.

The National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting

The National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting is the Psychology Department�s signature program. The mission of the Center is to strengthen families in the African American community by:

  1. Helping African Americans gain essential knowledge, skills and other resources required for building and sustaining healthy marriages and practicing effective parenting; and
  2. Increasing public awareness of the status and value of healthy African American marriages and parent-child relationships and of the importance of effective cultural and societal supports for these families.

The NCAAMP offers students the opportunity to be involved in a nationally significant initiative that will make a difference in the lives of African American children, adults, communities and the nation.