Student Internship Opportunities

Department of Music Internships

Internships in the Department of Music are required for students in Music Education (Pre-Certification), Music Recording Technology and Audio Production degree programs.

Music Education students in their 5th year (Master in Teaching Program) are placed in supervised classroom situations where they are student teachers. They are supervised by the Music Education Coordinator from the Department of Music, a professional education faculty member from the Department of Education, and supervising classroom teacher. Successful completion of student teaching is necessary in order to meet graduation requirements.

Music Recording Technology and Audio Production majors are required to enroll in a four (4) credit internship course which must be completed in order to meet graduation requirements. Internship options are recommended by the Coordinator of Music Recording Technology; however, students can submit options for approval. Students can participate in several internships as desired; however, students must complete all Music and Music Recording Technology (MRT) courses through the third year in order to enroll in the MRT 429 Internship course. Students must also apply through the University's Career Center and receive the approval of the coordinator for Music Recording Technology and chair of the Department of Music.