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Dr. Kermit Crawford, Chair, Psychology Department

Dr. Kermit Crawford
Chair, Psychology Department

I would like to welcome you to our Website for the Department of Psychology at Hampton University. I am Dr. Kermit A. Crawford, Associate Professor and Chairperson. We are an undergraduate program that offers a comprehensive array of courses in Psychology. We view Psychology as basic to much of what we do in life. You and we encounter aspects of Psychology every day of our lives. It is a rich major which prepares students for the next rung of their careers including pursuit of graduate education and professional careers in the field. The Department of Psychology has dynamic, credentialed and committed faculty who are dedicated to mentoring, support and to student growth. In the spirit of Francis Sumner, Ph.D., and Inez Beverley Prosser, Ph.D., the two first African-American Psychologists (1920 and 1933, respectively), we carry forth a proud tradition of learning, of service and of appropriate research. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our faculty for more information. We would love to see you as a Psychology major or taking Psychology courses at Hampton University.


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