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The mission of the Department of Music is to maintain a viable and innovative center of learning in the school of Liberal Arts and Education and to meet the current and future needs of Hampton University students. While committed to serving students from diverse cultural backgrounds, the Department of Music offers programs that develop and enhance skills in musicianship, performance, music technology, professionalism, and artistic demeanor. The major goals of the Department of Music are to promote the full development of the music major:

1) Academically, through the study of the Liberal Arts and Education;

2) Musically, through instruction in musicianship and performance;

3) Professionally, through exposure to learning situations and organizations; and

4) Socially, through musical activities promoted within and outside of the University.

The activities of the Department of Music are in concert with the mission of the University and the School of Liberal Arts and Education by providing related experiences which develops in students the ability to:

1) Assume responsibility;

2) Establish a professional attitude;

3) Gain self-confidence;

4) Develop a humanistic attitude toward life;

5) Become proficient in their area of musical specialization;

6) Appreciate diverse cultures; and

7) Contribute positively to the world around them.


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