The mission of the School of Liberal Arts is to provide students with critical knowledge, skills and qualities that will facilitate the development of scholars and "good citizens" who are knowledge producers, innovators and creators of solutions to some of the most pressing societal and global issues. Consistent with the Hampton model – "Education for Life" – we ensure that our students are not just prepared for the 21st century, but are preparers of the 21st century and are architects of what society and the global community at their best can become.

The School of Liberal Arts is the cornerstone of the strong and progressive schools that comprise the Hampton University Undergraduate College. The School is committed to providing a comprehensive immersion in the fundamentals of learning that are the core of personal and professional growth for our diverse student body.

Student growth is fostered primarily through the deepening and enhancing of oral and written expression, the developing and honing of critical thinking, and the infusing of students with an appreciation and command of the global history of human thought and expression.

The School envisions graduates who have been well prepared for leadership roles in moral and scholarly aspects of their private, professional and public lives, and as a result, are best able to participate in the advancement and improvement of the human condition.

Mission Statement for the Department of Counseling

The mission of the Department of Counseling is to create an environment conducive to spirituality, self-examination, collaboration, and reflection for the development and growth of professional counselors who are leaders and advocates within communities and various school settings. These counselors will optimize individual development and emotional and spiritual health within these communities and various school settings through their leadership, advocacy, and spirituality.


That each of us was born with certain gifts or talents. In a supportive environment, these gifts and talents grow and prosper. In a non-supportive environment, these gifts and talents lay dormant, atrophy or die. As counselors, we place no societal value upon these gifts and talents but we aid others and ourselves in identifying our gift or talent and provide a supportive environment.