Degrees Offered

Degrees Offered

The Department of Music offers four Bachelor’s Degree programs in: 1) Performance; 2) Music Education (Pre-Certification); 3) Music Recording Technology and 4) Audio Production, which does not require the student to play an instrument. Programs can be completed in four years. Students are required to do internships and student teaching. They have opportunities to perform as soloists and in large and small ensembles. Our students perform on campus, regionally and nationally.

B.A. Music Performance

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance is designed for the student who seeks to develop outstanding performance skill and musicianship within a liberal arts concentration. Music performance lessons, which pair students with a professor/professional on their primary instrument, are offered, and a variety of complementary activities in music theory, music history, jazz improvisation, and performance ensembles are provided. Students complete this four-year program in preparation for professional music opportunities or for future graduate study.


Career Opportunities

  • Performing Artist (Recording Artist/Group)
  • Vocal/Instrumental Soloist
  • Session Musician
  • General Business Musician
  • Orchestra/Band Member
  • Background Vocalist 
  • DJ/Remixer
  • Floor Show Band
  • Theatre Musician
  • Theatre Performer
  • Accompanist/Rehearsal Pianist
  • Cantor
  • Church Musician: Choir Director, Worship Leader, Praise & Worship Band Member, Organist, and Soloist
  • Product Demonstrator
  • Broadcast and Engineering Technicians
  • These professionals set up, operate, and maintain electrical equipment to make sure everything sounds crisp and clear. Broadcast and engineering technicians may assist a producer in a recording studio, synchronize dialogue for a television show, or produce audio, video and lights for a concert.
  • Job Outlook (2014 to 2024): 7%
  • Minimum Education Requirements:
    • Audio technician roles typically require a certificate or non-degree award, and engineering technicians should have an associate degree.
  • Musicians
  • Whether a songwriter, session guitarist, touring drummer or solo singer, the possibilities for individuals who can play an instrument are innumerable. Work settings are wide ranging, and musicians may find themselves in recording studios, orchestras, cruise ships, or touring. Some mainly focus on playing in the studio, while others enjoy performing for a live audience.
  • Job Outlook (2014 to 2024): 3%
  • Minimum Education Requirements:
    • No formal education required.
  • Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners
  • With a great ear for how instruments should sound, repairers and tuners evaluate how an instrument plays when brought to them before identifying the problem. If the instrument must be repaired, they are trained in how to replace parts or create new ones. If it is out of tune, they modify string tension, adjust drum skin tautness, or use electronic tuning devices. Professionals in this field may also work in instrument restoration.
  • Job Outlook (2014 to 2024): 3%
  • Minimum Education Requirements:
    • Most have a postsecondary certificate.
  • Composers and Conductors
  • Composers write pieces of music for a variety of productions, while conductors lead a group of musicians in playing a piece. Composers can be found writing music for leading pop acts, movie scores, or commercials, while conductors are often employed by symphonies or orchestras. Both roles frequently allow much autonomy and flexibility in scheduling, but may require travel.
  • Music Therapist
    • Music therapists use their understand of human emotion and behavior to improve a patient’s cognitive development, well-being, and socialization through music.
  • Postsecondary Music Teachers
  • Stage Directors
  • Producers

B.A. Music Pre-Certification

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Pre-Certification prepares students for a career in K-12 Music Education. This program, offered in collaboration with the Department of Music and the Department of Education, leads to the Master in Teaching Degree, a fifth-year program in Education. The University conforms to the accreditation.


Career Opportunities

  • Teacher (prek-12)
  • Professor
  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Music Supervisor
  • Performer

B.S. in Music Recording Technology

The Music Recording Technology program is designed for the student who desires a career in audio engineering, music recording, audio equipment design, sound reinforcement, broadcasting, audio sales, or studio maintenance. Students who complete this four year degree program, including one summer, earn a Bachelor of Science in Music with an emphasis in Audio Recording. Combining audio recording with music ensures that graduates are well prepared for successful employment in the music and entertainment industries.


Career Opportunities

  • Recording Engineer
  • Foley
  • ADR
  • Forensics
  • Marine Audio
  • Military Audio
  • Sound Design
  • Radio Engineer
  • Cinema Installation
  • Lobbyist
  • Sports Audio
  • Television Audio
  • Event Planner
  • Audio Sales


B.S. in Music (Audio Production Emphasis)

The Bachelor of Science in Music degree (Audio Production emphasis) is designed for students who wish to participate in audio production and related sound capture experiences (live recording, studio recording, digital and analog recording, etc.) This music based program does not require students to study a major instrument; however, the program enhances the proficiency of its majors by exposing them to essential music courses, and courses in recording technology. In addition, students are required to have at least one internship experience.

Students who pursue these degrees can become Performers in Musical Theater, Professional Choirs, Opera, or Professional Performers. They can also become Private Studio Teachers, Private School Teachers, and Recording Engineers.


Career Opportunities

  • Software Designer
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Airline Forensics
  • Teacher
  • Editor
  • Post Production
  • Live Sound
  • Automotive Design
  • Theater
  • Gaming
  • Digital Media
  • Studio Manager
  • Stage Performances
  • Cinema
  • Automotive design