Small Ensemble

Jazz Combo

The Jazz Combo provides practical experiences and training of technical refinement and interpretation of jazz styles. Many opportunities are provided for the development of leadership roles in the learning of traditional repertory, and creativity in the areas of improvisation, composition, and arranging. It is open to music majors as well as to all other students of the University by audition only and/or the permission of the director or instructor. Public performances will be according to the size and makeup of the combo's instrumentation on a semester basis. One academic credit.


The Hampton University Percussion ensemble was founded in the Fall of 1993. This ensemble utilizes the entire battery of traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments. The ensemble performs music literature from the Baroque to Twentieth Century music as well as jazz, gospel and popular music. This group performs in various campus recitals, and hosts its own Annual Hampton University Invitational Percussion Concert, founded in the Spring of 1993, with the purpose of promoting Percussion Ensemble literature in junior high, high school, colleges and universities throughout the nation. The Ensemble is open to all students by audition. One academic credit.

Brass Ensemble

The Hampton University Brass Ensemble consists primarily of music majors; however, membership is not restricted to music majors. Membership is offered to students who play the trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn, euphonium, or baritone horn. Brass Ensemble is offered both semesters. It performs for various occasions on and off campus at receptions, special projects, chapel, weddings, etc. The Brass Ensemble performs a wide variety of chamber music. Membership in the Brass Ensemble is through an interview with the director. One academic credit.

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble is designed to provide students with experience in performing chamber music for stringed instruments, string and keyboard, or strings and wind instruments. This group performs for campus activities as well as activities in the community. Auditions are required for membership in this organization. One academic credit.


Of mixed woodwind instruments, the group and course explores the music literature by performing transcriptions and original compositions for the medium from the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Centuries. One academic credit.

Vocal Jazz

The Hampton University Vocal Jazz Ensemble "Black and Blue" is a choral ensemble designed to explore and perform music from the jazz idiom and popular/show music genre. Emphasis is placed upon vocal improvisation, the execution of jazz, pop, and modern harmonies, sonorities, stage presence and when available, the use of choreography in performance. "Black and Blue" has performed at The National Educators Association Conference, in both local and regional concert performances, and with jazz legends such as Connie Parker, Robert Ransom and on local programs with the Basie Orchestra.


Ensemble provides students the opportunity to learn literature, perform unaccompanied vocal compositions, written for several courses of the 13th and 14th Centuries as well as 16th and 17th works. The students' musicianship is strengthened and performances are required each semester.

Opera Workshop

Opera and Music Theatre are an integral part of training for vocal majors. One major work is presented annually in full stage performance with orchestra accompaniment. Special emphasis is placed on acquisition of knowledge of all aspects of production and performance. Opera Theatre is open to all students through audition. Two academic credits.

Jazz Band

The Hampton University Jazz Ensemble consists of student musicians dedicated to performing in the popular, jazz, and rock idioms. There are opportunities for solo playing, improvisation and the performance of student and faculty arrangements throughout the year, both on and off campus. Membership in the Jazz Ensemble is open to all University students. All students are selected by audition and/or the recommendation of the director. All members are required to attend all rehearsals and performances. Jazz Ensemble is offered both semesters for one hour of academic credit.