Music Auditions

Audition Requirements


Each entering freshman or transfer student must audition, so that the student's musical and technical proficiency can be evaluated. Below are the minimum audition requirements for Brass & Woodwind, Instruments, Percussion, String Instruments, Voice, and Keyboard: Piano and Organ.

Audition Guidelines

The audition is required to become a music major. Students who pass the audition are not guaranteed admission to the University. Auditions may be by cassette or video tape or by a live presentation.

  1. Select a high quality CD or DVD.
  2. Record the following dialog at the beginning of the CD or DVD:
    Name (state your full name)
    Address (house number, street, city, state, zip, and telephone)
    Student number (if assigned)
    Intended major emphasis (Music Performance, Music Recording Technology or Music Education)
  3. Proceed to perform your audition. (If you desire, solos may be performed with ensembles, combos, and may be accompanied or unaccompanied.)
  4. Label your CD or DVD stating your name and instrument.
  5. Recorded auditions must be in accordance with the following guidelines: Audition Requirements

Mail to:

Dr. Shelia Jackson Maye
Chair, Department of Music
133 Armstrong Hall
Hampton University
Hampton, Virginia 23668