Prospective Cadets

ROTC Scholorships

The ROTC program provides a variety of opportunities to earn scholarships to pay for a significant portion of college expenses. They range from four-year scholarships for high school applicants to green-to-gold scholarships for enlisted soldiers. These scholarships are awarded on merit, which provide each individual the opportunity to show their potential. When activated, ROTC scholarships cover all tuition and mandatory fees, plus you will receive a stipend of $300 for freshmen, $350 for sophomores, $450 for juniors, and $500 for seniors. On top of this stipend, you receive $1,200 annually for textbooks.

To Apply for an Army ROTC scholarship, visit Army ROTC Scholarships

If you have any questions, contact the Hampton University Army ROTC Office at 757.727.5850

4-Year Scholarship (High School Applicant)

The four-year scholarships are awarded to highly qualified high school seniors who have the potential to be leaders in today's Army. The process is very competitive and includes an application, physical, interview, and diagnostic physical fitness test. The deadline for the application is November 15 of your senior year of high school.

Campus-Based Scholarships

Army ROTC offers both three- and two-year scholarships under the campus-based scholarship program. This process is based on three categories: "Student," "Leader," and "Athlete." In most cases, students compete at the national level for these scholarships.

The three-year scholarship is offered to qualified freshmen who will have attained a minimum of 26 semester hours by the end of their freshman year. The two-year scholarship is offered to qualified sophomores who will have attained a minimum of 54 semester hours towards graduation by the end of their sophomore year. They must also be eligible for advanced placement into the Advanced Course prior to the beginning of their junior year.

Applications for these awards will be submitted through the Hampton University ROTC Office.

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Green-to-Gold Scholarships (Prior Service)

The Green-to-Gold scholarships are awarded to enlisted soldiers who want to receive a college degree and show the potential to be an officer in the army.

Available Military Science Scholarships

  • Current sophomores or students entering Graduate School.
  • The 28-day Leaders Training Course (LTC) during the summer will enable you to earn around $650 in your pocket and also be eligible for a two-year scholarship that starts in your junior year or your first year of Graduate School.  This scholarship will cover books, tuition and fees, plus provide you with a monthly stipend of $450 as a MS III Cadet and $500 as a MS IV Cadet.
  • The Leaders Training Course is held at Ft. Knox, KY.  Only college students attend the training.  You are not enlisting in the Army.
  • Students learn valuable leadership skills and training that any future employer will recognize. 

For more information, contact the HU ROTC Office at 757.727.5850