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Class of 2013 Commissionees

Class of 2013 Commissionees
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Congratulations to the Pirate Battalion's newly commissioned second lieutenants (2LT) Class of 2013.

  • 2LT Jordan Adma-Holston
  • 2LT Justin Bingham
  • 2LT Christopher Bishop
  • 2LT Steven Coble
  • 2LT Derrick Elliot
  • 2LT Shannon Glantion
  • 2LT Percy Lamar
  • 2LT Seniah Martin
  • 2LT Jada Salahudddin
  • 2LT Alisha Stiles
  • 2LT Morgan Tapp
  • 2LT Jamal Williams

The Pirate Battaion is gearing up to recieve the incoming Cadet Freshman Class of 2017! Whooah!

Jada Nicole Salahuddin

Cadet Jada Nicole Salahuddin takes the 'Oath of Office' and is appointed as Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.

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