Military Science

Department Profile

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Military Science

The Military Science department focuses on developing leadership, time management, and communication skills. The courses are offered as electives to be taken in conjunction with major requirement courses. Military Science also serves as the curriculum for Army ROTC, the Nation’s largest source of commissioned officers. The Pirate Battalion has proudly commissioned Army Officers since 1948, including thirteen who were promoted to General Officers.

All Hampton University students may enroll in MSC 100 and 200 without any future service commitment. These courses provide instruction on goal setting, team building, and public speaking – skills that contribute to success in college and beyond. MSC 300 and 400 focus on the military orders process, troop leading procedures, and tactics. Cadets at these levels have a key role in planning and conducting training events as they prepare to pin on the gold bars of a Second Lieutenant. All students may compete for, and earn, Army ROTC scholarships. Please visit the Scholarship page for more information.

Cadet Activities

Outside of class, Cadets participate in Physical Readiness Training (PRT), Leadership Lab, and Field Training Exercises. PRT is designed to develop overall physical fitness in preparation for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Cadets are required to attend PRT twice a week, but many Cadets attend every day. Leadership Lab instructs Cadets on basic tactics and skills, such as first aid and tactical movements. These skills are put to the test at the Field Training Exercise, a weekend spent at Fort Eustis, VA that focuses entirely on tactics and small unit leadership. Field Training Exercises take place once a semester.

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  • Gain experience you can't find anywhere else
  • Gain the respect of your peers and future employers
  • Train to become a leader and manager

Earn Your Commission

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is one of the best leadership courses in the country and is part of your college curriculum. During classes and field training, you will learn first-hand what it takes to lead others, motivate groups and how to conduct missions as an Officer in the Army. Upon graduation from Army ROTC, you will earn the bar of a Second Lieutenant and become a leader for life.