Study Abroad Opportunities

Approved Programs


Four groups of approved programs are available to Hampton University students, offering year-long, semester and short-term programs all over the world.**

  1. Virginia Tidewater Regional International Programs Short-term, affordable programs during winter, spring or summer break in many locations worldwide, including the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Asia as well as Europe.
  2. Council on International Educational Exchange Year-long, semester or summer programs at 60 centers in 29 countries world-wide, offering both liberal arts and professional programs (business, nursing, etc.). Programs available in both Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and 6 Spanish-language sites in the Caribbean, Central and South America. (Transfer Credit)
  3. Institute for the International Education Year-long, semester or summer programs in Argentina, Austria, Australia, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. (HU Credit)
  4. Advanced Studies in England Year-long, semester or summer liberal arts study in historic Bath, under the auspices of University College, Oxford. Courses include history, political science, literature, classical and medieval studies, philosophy, women’s and gender studies, film and theater.(HU Credit)

How to Select A Program

Request a copy of the Study Abroad Procedures ( )

  1. Review program options by browsing materials in the International Programs Office
  2. Discuss your options with Professor Michele Lewis & Dr. Ann Moore.
  3. Apply to the program/s of your choice
  4. Follow Hampton University procedures to register for study abroad and arrange for your credit.

Earn Credit Towards Your Degree

Depending on your program choice, you may earn credit toward your degree and graduate on time. Consult your advisor and the Director of International Programs to be sure that your study abroad courses will meet HU degree requirements.
(Scholarships are available for several of these programs. See the Office of International Programs for details.)

Spanish Majors

Fulfill your study abroad requirement through programs in Spain or Latin America (including the Dominican Republic and Mexico).

Get Information Online

Sign up for the Blackboard Study Abroad web page. Email

Other Options

Interested in internships or service-centered international opportunities? Contact the Office of international programs for information.

What Else Should I Know?

Check with your major department to see if any study abroad experiences are being planned for the academic program. Existing programs are offered by the Departments of Architecture, Chemistry and the Leadership Institute.

Procedures vary depending on the program you choose. Be sure to follow the timeline for the program you have selected.

Review the program budget carefully and be sure you understand your financial responsibilities and payment deadlines.

** Reminder: Make an appointment with the Director of Financial Aid to review procedurefor applying your aid to study abroad on approved programs.