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Dr. Joseph F. Martin Dr. Joseph F. Martin Assistant Professor, Fine and Performing Arts Location:Armstrong-Slater102 Phone: Expertise:Communication, Visual Aesthetics & Advertising, Rhetoric


Dr. Martin is a tenured professor within the Department of Fine & Performing Arts, where he keeps an eye on students' hanging punctuation as well as the Atlantic surf.

His course offerings include Oral and Written Communciation, Design, and Visual Aesthetics. Areas of research include Literary Journalism, Religious Rhetoric, and Visual Messaging in the theory of Marshall McLuhan. He is receipient of the University Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

Dr. Martin was awarded the PhD from Regent University and receiving honors for his dissertation, "Lingua Franka: An Examination of the Frank Sheed's Rhetorical Achievement." He earned a BA in Political Science from George Mason University, as well as the MA in Journalism from Regent University.

Prior to his arrival at Hampton, Martin worked as a Communicator and Writer. He was Creative Director of Accelerator Graphics in Norfolk, VA. He also served as PR liaison and designer for The Chrysler Museum of Art. His work has been commissioned by Walt Disney Studios, Regent University, Ignatius Press, Paydirt Records, and Paramount Pictures, as well as appearing in publications including NewsweekFirst Things, and USA Today. Under his tenure as Art Director, the national magazine re:generation quarterly received The Utne Reader's Alternative Press Award. Additionally, Dr. Martin's essays and letters appear in journals including CWR, World Magazine, re:generation quarterly, Books + Culture, and Philosophia Perennis, and these will be found to be interesting to those interested in such things. He also regularly exhibits in local and regional galleries: recent showings including The Charles Taylor Gallery, The Jackson & Ryder Gallery, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, and The Armstrong/Slater Gallery in Tidewater; and the National Association for Affordable Housing ArtPrize in Washington, D.C.

"Be great in little things." –St. Francis Xavier