Graphic Design Emphasis

Course Descriptions

ART 200 – Understanding the Arts
An orientation of cultural arts for the major/non-art major. Analysis, criticism, evaluation, and aesthetic considerations.
(3 Credits)

ART 215-216 – Introductory & Intermediate Drawing
Basic principles of drawing, perspective, and design; development of technical skill in variety of media. Landscape, human figure, still-life, and design. No pervious art training necessary.

(2 Credits)

ART 330-331 – Principles of Graphic Design I & II
Introduction to design process, layout, paste-up mechanicals, typography and printing methods, Use of Apple Macintosh computer as a design tool.
(3 Credits)

ART 224 – Concepts of Color
Introduction and development of the interaction of color as a medium in visual studies. Discussion of student work in process and aesthetic analysis within the context of theoretic and historic color procedures.
(3 Credits)

ART 305 – Art History Survey I
Illustrated lecture course covering chronological development of art from the prehistoric through Renaissance periods. Emphasis upon recognition of style and relationship art to the age in which it was produced.
(3 Credits)

ART 317 – Advance Drawing
Life drawing and continuation of introductory courses.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART 215 or ART 216 or consent of instructor.

ART 325 – Printmaking I
Introduction to basic printmaking techniques and methods of printing. To include: monotype/silkscreen and drypoint methods.
(3 Credits)

ART 430 – Graphic Design III
Advanced design for printed materials. Use of Apple Macintosh computer as a design tool.

(3 Credits)
Prerequisites: ART 330 & ART 331

ART 306 – Art History Survey II
History of art from Renaissance to the present day. Emphasis upon the recognition of style and relationship of art to the age on which it was produced.
(3 Credits)

ART 326 – Printmaking II
Introduction to development of basic and intermediate intaglio processes. Techniques to include: drypoint, etching, aquatint and softground/spitbite. Introduction to color process.

(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART 325

ART 350-331 – Photography I & II
Introduction to photo composition, lighting, aperture, effects. Digital photography skills and Photo rendering, Review of wet photography basic.
(3 Credits)

ART 402 – Illustration & Rendering
The art of illustration as practiced in the fields of advertising, merchandising, book story illustration, and scientific drawings. Studio techniques studied. Use of Apple Macintosh computer as an illustration tool.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART 330 & ART 331

ART 500 – Senior Art Seminar
Preparation for the individual senior exhibition which is required of all graduates. Exit examination, portfolios, presentations, publicity, etc. are required. The department reserves the right to select a work of art to remain in the permanent collection. Consent of department chair required.
(3 Credits)