Student Activities

Sigma Tau Delta

The Saracen, our literary journal, gives students the opportunity to publish their poems, short stories, plays, and essays. It also provides students with valuable experience in collaborative desktop publishing through the design, layout, editing, typesetting, graphics, and production of the journal.

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, confers distinction for high achievement in English language and literature, and promotes interest in the discipline by sponsoring speakers, a faculty-student mentorship program, writers' conferences, and related activities.

Calliope Literary Society provides students the opportunity to organize and participate in public readings, performances, and campus-wide literary discussions and cultural events, and to play host to poets-in-residence and guest speakers. The organization sponsors film festivals and other Cinema related activities on campus.

The Hampton Script, the University student newspaper, provides English majors with the opportunity to enter the world of professional journalism through assignments as reporters and editors. Published approximately every two weeks during the semester, the newspaper receives wide distribution and is recognized as among the best of HBCUs.

The University-Wide Read-In takes place every year as part of the President's Lecture Series. Students and faculty members of the Department of English and Foreign Languages as well as from all across campus join in dialogue about a specific work of literature that everyone reads. Often, these activities include meeting the author face-to-face and listening to major critics discuss the work in context.

Recent artists have included Octavia Butler (pictured) Gloria Naylor and Ishmael Reed. Students hold an academic conference of their own scholarly work during the Read-In week.