Hampton University Leadership Academy (HULA)

The Hampton University Leadership Academy (HULA) is an innovative program that seeks to recruit, train, and mentor principals (including assistant principals) for high-need school districts.  The Project represents a multifaceted approach to improving student achievement by improving the level and effectiveness of educational leadership. It has taken into account the need for school districts to address the proficiency of educational leaders at various stages of their professional careers. Aspiring administrators, new administrators and experienced educational leaders must all be included in a collaborative effort to improve student achievement in conjunction with its University partners. It includes the implementation of the Aspiring Principal Program (APP), Principal Induction Program (PIP), Leadership Mentoring Program (LEP) and Leadership Education and Development Program (LEAD) to meet the needs of these high-need districts.

These programs will "build capacity" in these high-need programs to develop effective educational leadership that will lead to a significant positive impact on student achievement.

To meet this primary goal, the project includes the following activities:

  • Providing financial incentives to aspiring new principals;
  • Providing stipends to principals who mentor new principals;
  • Carry out professional development programs in instructional leadership and management
  • Providing Incentives for teachers and other individuals who want to become principals and that are effective in retaining new principals.