The Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology-Pre-P.T. is designed to prepare students to meet the entry requirements for most graduate programs in Physical Therapy including the Hampton University Physical Therapy (D.PT.) graduate program.  Additionally this curriculum provides a solid foundation for graduate study in Athletic Training and other areas in the exercise sciences.

The curriculum closely mirrors the Hampton University B.S. degree program in Health and Physical Education, but with increased science and mathematics requirements.  This program might be considered somewhat of a “hybrid” since successful completion will lead to state and national standards for certification to teach Health and Physical Education, as well as the prerequisites in Physical Therapy. 

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Scholarships are awarded for qualifying students through the University Scholarship Program. These include Presidential Scholars, Academic Achievers, and various Departmental scholarships as obtained through grants, projects, internships, Army and Navy scholarships, government agencies, industry, and other organizations. Information on other sources of financial assistance (e.g., Pell Grant, Work-Study, Federal Direct Loan Programs, etc.) is available through the University Financial Aid Office.


The Department is accredited by the Department of Education of the state of Virginia, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

For more information on our curriculum, please take a look at our Curriculum Outline.

Curriculum Outline

Fall Spring
Freshman Year
ENG 101 Written Communication 3 ENG 102 Written Communication 3
MAT 117 Pre-Calculus I 3 MAT 205 Intro to Statistics 3
UNV 101 Individual & Life 1 HUM Elective   3
HEA 200 Health Education 2 BIO 103 General Biology 4
HUM 201 Humanities 3 HIS 105/107 History 3
COM 103 Oral Communication 3      
Total 15 Total 16
Fall Spring
Sophomore Year
PSY 203 Psychology 3 Free Elective   3
PED 208 Foundations Kines. & Ex. Sci. 3 HEA 203 Health Promotion 3
Free Elective   3 BIO 302 Human Anatomy 4
EDU 302 Human Growth & Dev. 3 SOC 205 Intro to Sociology 3
CHE 101 Chemistry 4 CHE 102 Chemistry 4
Total 16 Total 17
Fall Spring
Junior Year
BIO 336 Human Physiology 3 Free Elective   3
PED 301 Motor Learning 3 HEA 309 Prev/Care Ath. Injuries 3
PED 306 Kinesiology 3 PED 427 Exercise Physiology 3
PHY 201 Physics I 4 PHY 202 Physics II 4
PHY 215 Physics Lab 1 PHY 216 Physics Lab 1
PED 135 Intermediate Swimming 1      
Total 15 Total 14
Fall Spring
Senior Year
PED 230 Physical Ed. for Diverse Pops. 3 PED 402 Exercise Testing, Pers. 3
PED 362 Exercise & Sport Nutrition 3 PED 481 Practicum II 3
Elective Free Elective 3 HEA 441 Health & Aging 3
PED 480 Practicum I 3 Free Elective   3
HEA 211 CPR, First Aid & Safety 3      
Total 15 Total 12