The Aquatics Concentration

The Aquatics concentration is open to students in any major field of study. The program aims to prepare students for career and employment opportunities while they are working toward their degree or for a professional career path in aquatics. The Aquatics concentration provides basic preparation in aquatics and includes 17 hours of course work in the following areas: swimming skills, aquatic instructor, aquatic electives, first aid skills and techniques, and aquatic management. Requirements for the practicum and completion of the concentration include a grade of “C” or higher in all courses in the concentration.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in aquatics include positions as aquatic directors or managers, pool managers, head lifeguards, swimming instructors, aquatic exercise instructors, adapted aquatic instructors, aquatic physical therapists, water safety special­ists, or swim coaches in city park and recreation departments, colleges and universities, youth agencies, resorts and water parks, beaches, swim clubs, fitness centers and natatoriums, rehabilitation or therapeutic facilities, and entrepreneurial ventures in aquatics. Positions may be full-time or part-time, seasonal or year-round, indoor or outdoor. Individuals with an aquatics concentration also may pursue advanced certification in many aquatics specialties or graduate study in a variety of fields such as recreation management, public administration, physical education, and kinesiology, among others. The Department has an impressive track record of students finding employment and entering graduate school.

Course Requirements – Aquatics Concentration

Swimming Skills - 2 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credits
PED 134 Beginning Swimming 1
PED 135 Intermediate Swimming 1
PED 226 Advanced Swimming 1
Aquatics Instructor - 4 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credits
PED 227 Lifesaving & Water Safety 2
PED 373 Methods of Teaching Swimming 2
REC 206 Foundations of Adapted Aquatics 2
REC 311 Adapted Aquatic Analysis & Assessment 2
Aquatics Electives - 2 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credits
PED 133 Aerobic Swimming 1
PED 160 Beginning Sailing 1
PED 228 Scuba Diving 2
First Aid Skills & Techniques - 3 Credit Hours
Course Number Course Name Credits
HEA 312 Advanced First Aid 3
  Aquatics Management 6
REC 350 Special Topics in Aquatics 3
REC 420 Aquatics Practicum 3

Total - 17 Credit Hours