Clair Berube, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of the Department of Professional Education

  • B.A. - Psychology - Virginia Wesleyan College
  • B.S. - Education - Old Dominion University
  • M.Ed. - Education - Old Dominion University
  • Ph.D - Urban Education - Old Dominion University
  • Appointed to Virginia Association of Science Teachers
    College Committee

Location: Phenix Hall, Suite 304

Phone: 757.637.2163

Clair Berube, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Professional Education at Hampton University. She received a B.A. in Psychology from Virginia Wesleyan College, and a B.S., Masters, and Ph.D in Urban Education from Old Dominion University, Norfolk Virginia. Clair has taught science education, research, and general education classes at Old Dominion University, Wagner College, Staten Island, and the College of Staten Island, CUNY before arriving at Hampton University. Among several published articles about science and general education, she is the co-author of one book, The End of School Reform, published in 2007, and The Unfinished Quest; the Plight of Progressive Science Education in the Age of Standards, published in May 2008. She has two new books coming out soon, “The X Factor; Personality Traits of Exceptional Science Teachers”, due for publication in Spring 2010 and “The Moral University” co authored with her husband, Education Professor Maurice Berube, also due out in Spring 2010.

Dr. Berube’s research interests include science education and standards, gender issues in science education, and science education reform.