Child Development Center Curriculum and Instruction

The Hampton University Child Development Center uses a theme-based, child-centered curriculum that meets the individual needs of children. The curriculum is process-oriented and focuses on children learning skills and behaviors that help them to be successful, life-long learners. The curriculum is developmentally advantageous for the ages and stages of growth and development of children served by the Center. Additionally, the curriculum focuses on active learning with children, teachers, teacher assistants, and classroom volunteers engaged in many activities.

The curriculum has a full set of experiences in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, art, music, physical education, social science, STEAM and Spanish. Each classroom is environmentally rich in hands-on activities.

Program Goals

  • Foster a developmentally appropriate, success oriented, and child-centered educational program for young children and their families
  • Provide pre-service teachers, graduate researchers, and other pre-professional students the opportunity to become knowledgeable and acquire skills in working with young children in a model environment and research site
  • Serve as a catalyst for change in the concept of parental involvement by providing support and encouragement to the families as they involve themselves in the educational process
  • Provide high quality care and education in a safe, appropriate, and diverse learning environment where families are an integral part of a holistic curriculum that fosters academic success