Criteria for Admission

Undergraduate Programs

All students must meet the general admission requirements of Hampton University to enter undergraduate programs in kinesiology, psychology, recreation and tourism management, and sports management. Students interested in undergraduate programs in teacher education must also meet the specific admission requirements of the Department of Education, including passing the state-required Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Assessment. Students must complete a separate application for admission to the teacher education program in the Department of Education.

Graduate Programs

Students seeking admission to the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in Department of Education are subject to the rules and regulations applied by the Graduate College; the academic department; and in some instances, Hampton U Online. Admission to graduate study in educational leadership, educational management, curriculum and instruction, counselor education, and sport management at Hampton University is open to all qualified applicants who meet the requirements as stated in the Graduate Catalog. Potential students are encouraged to consult the Graduate Catalog prior to applying for admission. Students interested in the Masters program should contact the Graduate College for application materials. Students interested in the Doctor of Philosophy in Education Management program should contact Hampton U Online for application information.

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