Behavior Science Research Center

The Behavior Sciences Research Center (BSRC) supports, promotes and nurtures research activities at Hampton University by bringing together behavioral science researchers in the Departments of Education, and Sociology in the School of Liberal Arts and Education and the School of Nursing. The Center provides coordination and facilitation of institutional infrastructure activities needed to:

  • Increase funded research;
  • Strengthen faculty research capacity;
  • Provide rigorous undergraduate research training;
  • Foster collaboration with productive high research institutions.

All BSRC research projects:

  • Use African American participants;
  • Use culturally sensitive techniques;
  • Consider the role of social class along with ethnic and racial differences;
  • Use advanced multivariate statistical techniques to determine the role of social, ethnic, and racial factors.

Research Scientist

Dr. Zina T. McGee
Endowed University Professor of Sociology

Dr. Spencer Baker
Associate Professor in the College of Education and Continuing Studies & Coordinator of the Graduate Counseling Program

Contact information

114 Phenix Hall Bldg.
Hampton University
Hampton, Va. 23668

Phone: 757.728.6913
Fax: 757.727.5131

Dr. Zina T. McGee