Want a job? Study Shakespeare. Want to express yourself? Explore courses in music, theatre, written expression, art, debate, or learn a language. Want to learn how to think and obtain preparation for life? Choose a major in the liberal arts.

In the School of Liberal Arts, students learn how to broaden their base of knowledge, which allows them to be prepared for life. Students in the liberal arts learn how to think, analyze, and how to see the whole from many parts. In other words, the liberal arts provide a panoramic view - a map of the universe. The essence of the liberal arts is to provide individuals with the basis for thinking, speaking, writing, and synthesizing.

The School is organized into two divisions, each with its own mission, goals and academic standards, yet interrelated to form a whole. The Division of Arts and Humanities includes the departments of English, Fine & Performing Arts, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, and the program in Humanities. The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences includes the departments of Military Science, Political Science & History, Psychology, and Sociology. The latter department also includes a major in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

The School of Liberal Arts is the largest School in the University with approximately 1100 majors across the disciplines. Graduates of these programs are prepared to enter the job market, be commissioned in the United States Army, or seek advanced study in graduate or professional school. Graduates continue to be successful in being accepted into top programs across the country: Harvard Medical and Graduate School, University of California at Berkeley, Stanford, Georgetown, University of Virginia, Duke, Brown, Rutgers, American, Columbia, New York University, and Emory, among others.

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